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The Sunday Slice - 1.9

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The Sunday Slice

The Unite the Clans Edition

Bonjour, Charles here...

The clans were definitely united at CEF this past weekend with Irishfest at the lakefront and Third Space Unite the Clans on tap at CEF for $5.00. Such a clever marketing department we are blessed with. We count our Irish blessings and encourage you to do so as well - after you read this week’s Slice.


Frankly, I am surprised there are still spots available for our first-ever opportunity to influence your friends and neighbors wine selections for the next three months, but such is the modern world. Commitment is difficult, and Charles understands. If you do decide to snatch up the last few spots, here is what you can anticipate.

For $45.00 per person, you will enjoy

- 4 white and 4 red wines selected by our friends at Vino Veritas

- an additional surprise tasting

- the debut of two new snacks

- the company of new friends

- the bragging rights on the excellent wine list for the next few months

- your photo prominently displayed at CEF for the duration of the list

1. We greatly appreciate you paying at the time you make your reservations. Thank you!

2. We will open our doors at 6:45 and get settled in for "the work" ahead. It's a tough job, know the rest.

3. Unless your have reservations, we will be closed to the public that evening.

We’re Nuts For Our Neighbors

This week we celebrate a neighborhood that has its own Wikipedia entry. Check this plagiarism out…

Schoonmaker Reef, also known as Wauwatosa Reef, Schoonmaker Quarry, Raphu Station or Francey Reef is a 425 million year-old fossilized reef in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.[3] It was discovered in 1844 by Increase A. Lapham and Fisk Day on the site of a quarry owned by the Schoonmaker family. Geologist James Hall declared its significance in 1862.[4] It was the first ancient reef described in North America, and among the first described in the world.[2][5] It is located North of W. State St., between N. 66th St. and N. 64th St. extended, in Wauwatosa.[1] It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1997.[2]

What a nice treat!

Really interesting!!! If you want more fascinating information on Quarry Heights, you can click here. If you live in Quarry Heights and want tasty, complimentary nuts, be sure to come to CEF tomorrow night, August 19th. We hope to see Quarry Heights friends for their complimentary Rosemary Marcona Almonds or Moroccan Spiced Cashews per party with purchase, while supplies last. We look forward to celebrating you!

Please see the date for your neighborhood below, and let us know if we overlooked your corner of the world.

August 19th - Quarry Heights

August 26th - Martin Drive


Sept. 9th - Story Hill

Sept. 16th - Jacobus Park

Sept. 23rd - Washington Park

Sept. 30th - The Shire

Oct. 7th - Hawthorne Glen

Oct. 14th -Mount Mary

Oct. 21st - Murray Hill

Oct. 28th - Olde Hillcrest

Nov. 4th - Concordia

Nov. 11th - Enderis Park

Nov.18th - Lowell Damon

Nov. 25th - (Anyone we forgot...let us know)


If you want the traditional definitions of salon, click here.

If you want the CEF definition, read on!

We will be offering you the opportunity to expand your horizons or share what you have a passion for through our Fromage Salon Series. On any given night from 7:00 - 8:00, someone could be talking about bee keeping, tea traditions, 17th century re-enacting, playwrighting, mustard making, French posters, or wines. Take a seat at the bar which will be reserved for those interested in the topic, order a lovely beverage and snack of your choice, and enjoy swimming in new, interesting information shared by your fellow neighbors.

Just your average Milwaukeeans enjoying a salon.

Our first salon will be on Thursday, Sept. 26th when Sommelier and neighbor Gaetano Marangelli will lead you through a blind tasting of our new wine selections and give you some insights into their goodness. 4 wines for $10.00 - what a good deal! Let us know if you plan to attend and we can reserve a spot at the bar for you - OR walk in and take your chances.

Star Gazing at CEF

Debbie Kuglitsch of Kuglitsch's Bowling Lanes, and long time neighbor of the little Madame, stopped in with her high school chums Little Lisa and Doris. Trips down Memory Lane accompanied trips to the bar for tasty snacks and beverages. So good to see my old amie!

Javier and Audrey Cabezas of Virginia traveled to Milwaukee with new son Ignacio to celebrate Irishfest with friends and family. The entire staff of CEF was thrilled to be a part of the celebration that welcomed little Nacho to our lakefront.

Nacho struck with awe and wonder over his extended family.

And we'll all go together

To pick wild mountain thyme

All around the purple heather

Will you go? Lassie, will you go?

This group is the formula for fun!

The Upper Faculty Lounge was booked last week for Brookfield Central’s calculating ladies and honorary mathematicians. Their occasions were many and all, gratefully, celebratory. Enjoyed having you all in, and now you enjoy every minute left before….well….you know.

KAITLIN (photo forthcoming!) drinker of Sunday mimosas, daughter of soon to be retiree, and woman with a thousand friends was in and at her regular table on the street level. We would like to honor her with our very first CUSTOMER OF THE MONTH recognition. There are so many of you in the running, but she put it over the top with a string of visits to introduce others to our tiny little bistro. Thanks for your loyalty and support, Kaitlin. Now, we have to figure out what’s in this for you...

And YOU if you stopped in to Charles E. Fromage last week.

No Cribbage This Thursday

See you on August 29th for Cribbage Night!

We’re having a wine tasting, remember? We will be back at it next Thursday with cribbage opportunities and $1.00 off cans of beer. (Hinterland Cherry Wheat, Black Husky Dogfather and Deck Dog, Good City Pils, Third Space happy Place and Good City Detail Porter)

Currently on Tap

1840 Brewing Plumpy Sour 5.5% ABV

Third Space Brewery Unite The Clans Scottish Ale 5.8% ABV

Vennture Brewing The Heights Saison 5.4% ABV

Good City Motto Pale Ale 5.2% ABV

Help Wanted

We are looking for someone to join our very tiny bistro staff. The person must have a current Wisconsin bar tender’s license, a solid understanding of the art of conversation, and a willingness to work with us to come up with a good arrangement for all. Drop in and we can talk.

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