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The Sunday Slice 1.8

The Sunday Slice

The "It's August Already?" Edition

Ah, for July...

Bonjour, Charles here...

August always follows July at about the same time every year, and yet we are flabbergasted as to why it makes itself known completely too soon. Put on your big (orientation of your choice) (article of clothing of your choice), and confront all the joys of August full on. But first, enjoy the Slice.

We’re Nuts For Our Neighbors!

Our neighbors are the best, and we celebrate you all! Hourra!

But because of our tiny bistro, we must ask you to take a number - and that number is the calendar date we have set aside for YOUR neighborhood. Tomorrow, August 12th, we hope to see Washington Highlands friends for their complimentary Rosemary Marcona Almonds or Moroccan Spiced Cashews per party with purchase, while supplies last. Check for your neighborhood below and mark your calendars. We look forward to celebrating you!

Also, a special thanks to Kris Gehrke for reaching out to include the Lowell Damon Neighborhood. How could we overlook such a delightful bunch of nuts? We’ll see them November 18th, and encourage you to reach out if your neighborhood is not represented on our Monday calendar.

Tasty Treat!

August 12th -Washington Highlands

August 19th - Quarry Heights

August 26th - Martin Drive


Sept. 9th - Story Hill

Sept. 16th - Jacobus Park

Sept. 23rd - Washington Park

Sept. 30th - The Shire

Oct. 7th - Hawthorne Glen

Oct. 14th -Mount Mary

Oct. 21st - Murray Hill

Oct. 28th - Olde Hillcrest

Nov. 4th - Concordia

Nov. 11th - Enderis Park

Nov.18th - Lowell Damon

Nov. 25th - (Anyone we forgot...let us know)


Our very first in-house, crowd-sourced wine tasting is only 10 days away! What are you waiting for? Grab the last few spots available for a wonderful, (and historic by Fromage standards) evening. What’s included? Glad you asked.

For $45.00 per person, you will enjoy

- 4 white and 4 red wines selected by our friends at Vino Veritas

- an additional surprise tasting

- the debut of two new snacks

- the company of new friends

- the bragging rights on the excellent wine list for the next few months

- your photo prominently displayed at CEF for the duration of the list

These glasses will be full, and that man will not be stalking you.

1. We greatly appreciate you paying at the time you make your reservations. Thank you!

2. We will open our doors at 6:45 and get settled in for "the work" ahead. It's a tough job, know the rest.

3. We will be closed to the public that evening.


Sidewalk Sandwich Sales Soar! Two more satisfied customers!

Our entire staff was beyond thrilled at the turnout at last Saturday’s West Vliet Street Sidewalk Sale. Seeing so many familiar faces and new friends was a lovely way to pass the day. Seeing so many of those faces with secret summer sandwich sauce on them had me running for more napkins! Magnifique! Many a request was made to add the delightful treat to the menu. Stay tuned while our tempermental kitchen staff makes a decision about that. What a culinary divo!

Star Gazing at CEF

Although there were too many notables to mention due to Saturday’s event, there are a few too good to pass up!

*Colorado real estate mogul Laurel Bahe stopped in to celebrate the life of her dear uncle and friend of CEF’s, Major Frank Peterson, USAF Retired. Along with her sister Ellen, Laurel was joined by Jon Spelt, the music doyen of Ultra Fidelis, and gal pal world-traveler M.J. O’Meara. The entire staff felt significantly low levels of self-esteem as they left the building.

*Monday evening, CEF had the pleasure of hosting artist and former MIlwaukee Fireman, Frank Alioto along with his brilliant wife Rachelle, and their two chips off the old block, Ally and Sam. Another round of 1840’s Plumpy Sour as we wait for the installment of his work on our walls.

And YOU - if you dropped in last week.

Cribbage Thursday

Our first Cribbage Thursday has come and gone, and we are so happy that CEF is devoting a night to the very best game. Ever. Join us this Thursday, and you may be able to enjoy the following taps and you count your crib.

More beers available in cans, too!

1840 Brewing Plumpy Sour 5.5% ABV

Third Space Brewery Unite The Clans Scottish Ale 5.8% ABV

Vennture Brewing The Heights Saison 5.4% ABV

Black Husky Brewing Not a Hazy IPA 6.4% ABV

Good City Motto Pale Ale 5.2% ABV

Help Wanted

After Labor Day, ⅔ ‘s of our staff will be returning to academia. What lifelong learners we have at Fromage. Due to this significant shift in labor, we are looking for someone to join our very tiny bistro staff. The person must have a current Wisconsin bar tender’s license, a solid understanding of the art of conversation, and a willingness to work with us to come up with a good arrangement for all. Drop in and we can talk.

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