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The Sunday Slice 1.5

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

The Sunday Slice

The "figured out how to put pictures on the web site" Edition

Bonjour, Charles here....

Another wonderful week on West Vliet Street, despite la flamme that resulted in a lonely patio and a full Fromage. The weather is cooling down, so enjoy the ability to comfortably sit outside as you read this week's Sunday Slice.

It's safe to go back on the patio!


Happy guests riding the wave.

So enjoyed the Seafoam residency. Watching grown people reduced to giggles over a beverage is surprisingly entertaining. Hope we are able to get more eventually, but in the meantime we think you'll continue your giddiness over these tap selections.

Dan McElwee, Washington Heights' favorite son, sends his Beach Ball Pineapple Milkshake IPA from BROKEN BAT BREWING COMPANY to CEF. Here is how the McElwee boys of summer describe it:

When you’re dialed in, every pitch looks like a beach ball at the plate. Well, guess what. We’re in, and this beer is a crusher. Citrusy flavors will hammer your palate on the first sip, and it’ll be nothing short of a beach party from there.

Well said, gentlemen!

Fur Trader (7.3 ABV) from GATHERING PLACE BREWING COMPANY is the meeting point between Saison, Biere de Garde, and Helles Bach and is as unique and colorful as its namesake, Milwaukee founder Solomon Juneau. Biscuity and honey maltiness are bridged at odd angles by a moderate bitterness with peppery and citrus hop notes. Make plans to gather with your friends and enjoy.

SAHALE ALE HOUSE, the 34th craft brewery in the Milwaukee area, opened their doors to the public last Saturday, and I decided to walk right on in. Brew master Matthew Hofmann has sent Sky Breaker Hazy IPA 6.4% ABV to our tiny bistro, and guests are over the moon.

ENLIGHTENED BREWERY sent Mr. Bradford to CEF, and thus far he has proven to be a very pleasant guest! At 3.8% ABV, this "shift" beer is a perfect summer sun thirst quencher. The name comes from the type of beer the breweries would offer their workers during and after their shift. I think that sounds like the perfect thing for you to do after a shift or two this week.


Today is the day! We will begin taking reservations for our first in-house, crowd-sourced, fun-filled wine selection tasting. What to expect, you ask?

- 4 white and 4 red wines selected by our friends at Vino Veritas

- the debut of two new snacks

- the company of new friends

- the bragging rights on the excellent wine list for the next few months

- your photo prominently displayed at CEF for the duration of the list

Tony stares down the camera at our first Crowd-Sourced Tasting for CEF

Neighbors Steph and Nathan Kilen helped us come up with the ground rules for these highly coveted reservations.

1. None of this electronic Tom Foolery. All reservations need to be made in person at CEF. Nate points out that this will give you a solid excuse to stop in for one. Smart lad.

2. The cost is $45 per person, and payment is due when you make your reservation. Steph pointed out that they do it that way at Ray's. Can't argue with such a stellar example. Vive le Ray's!

3. Because of our teeny-tiny space, we limit your party to two. Sacrebleu! This means I will meet new people and be with my favorite person at the same time!

4. We will start at 7:00 on August 22nd. We will be closed to the public that day and open our doors to you at 6:45 to get settled in before we begin.


A few media folks found their way to out tiny bistro...

Perfecto Rivera, host of WISN's Valor Latino weekly radio program visited along with his brother who is the handsome one.... or the smart one.... can't remember which. Hope your happy group enjoyed your salmon on the grill.

Our neighbor Howard worked for WISN at one time. That counts.

Kathy Flanigan, Journal Sentinel entertainment reporter and author of Beer Lover's Wisconsin: Best Breweries, Brewpubs and Beer Bars stopped in for a Seafoam with her husband and long-time movie critic, Duane Dudek. Don't know how many stars we earned, but thanks for stopping in and sharing your beer knowledge with us.

And, of course, YOU - if you stopped in last week.

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