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The Sunday Slice 1.3

The Sunday Slice 1.3

The 4th of July /Bastille Days Bridge Edition

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of your country. Whatever end of the Mall you occupied, Charles tips his beret to your great political experiment and knows you will all get it together for another 200 plus years of democracy. In the meantime, enjoy this edition of the Sunday Slice.


Thursday night you run, Friday night you hang out downtown under the Eiffel Tower, and Saturday or Sunday you head to West Vliet St. for Bastille Days at Charles E. Fromage. We will be tapping 1840 Brewing Company Seafoam at 4:00 along with our regular local beers on tap, a lovely wine selection, and our snacks that are a perfect compliment to any beverage you choose. #seafoam #fruityfoamer #algae #sour #pineapple#passionfruit We hope to see you and les amis!


1. noun [ C ] US ​ /səˈlɑn, ˈsæl·ɑn/​

a store where you can obtain a beauty service

2. noun [ C ] US ​ /sæˈlɔ̃, səˈlɑn/​ a regular meeting of important or influential writers or artists at the house of someone famous (or Charles E. Fromage)

Looking forward to our August Salon Series. Instead of scheduling a haircut, we invite you to suggest ideas for presentations/discussions that will take place 7- 8 on any August date that we are open. Please contact us if you have an idea for a salon at CEF.


Manual labor? Non, merci. We leave that to the much more competent people whose talents have made Charles E. Fromage a smashing success, if I do say so myself. I am so humbled.

My little bistro would not exist except for the keen eye of Mary Hickey Zander, realtor extraordinaire. Special thanks to Alderman Michael Murphy for seeing the potential in turning a barber shop into a bistro and supporting us along the way. Many thanks to Brian Scotty and the entire team at Quorum Architects for making our tiny vision into a petite reality. Kudos to the now retired Bruce Johnson and everyone else at the City of Milwaukee Neighborhood Services for walking us through the labyrinthian approval process. Toutes nos félicitations Monsieur Johnson. More thanks to Julie Hults at the Health Department and Faviola Martin at the Licensing Division for their patience and assistance.

Vive le bureaucratie!


bored /bôrd/ adjective feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one's current activity.

board /bôrd/ noun a group of persons having managerial, supervisory, investigatory, or advisory powers

CEF was thrilled to host its first board meeting on Friday afternoon. After a refreshing beverage and a tasty snack, the gentlemen on the board of Milwaukee Bicycle Collective were fortified, productive and anything but bored. So inspired by their work, I would like to offer anyone who donates a bike during the remainder of July a complimentary beverage of choice. Simply bring in your donation receipt (which they kindly make available for tax purposes) and we'll be happy to pour!

Bring in your board and make CEF your "not bored" room.

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