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The Sunday Slice 1.2

The Sunday Slice

The Summerfest Edition

Bon Jour! Charles Here-

I heard that business would tank like a distressed Princess Cruise Liner during this local tradition you have called - how do you say - Summerfest. Well, I am happy to report there has been nothing but fun and frolic at Charles E. Fromage this week. Let's see what the news is, shall we?


Step aside, Yelich, the brewer I reference is none other than Mark Mahoney from Stockhouse Brewing at 7208 W North Avenue in Wauwatosa. He and a few of his associates visited CEF and dropped off a lovely Watermelon Wheat. I am ashamed to say I was ready to judge the book by its title, but found a light, refreshing brew perfect for sipping at the grill. Come in for your own chapter before it runs out!


Although I am French, who would pass up the chance to double dip on national holidays? I will be taking July 4th as a holiday, and have told the entire staff to do the same. Go watch some fireworks and plan on reporting back in on Friday.


There have been so many local celebs in our door since we opened, I thought I might share a few sightings with you. Watch your tête, names will be dropping at a rapid pace!

Tommy Lueck, the cute one in 4 Guyz in Dinner Jackets, showed up on our first night open along with his wife Nikki So glad to see you both!

Premier night also included Jeff Stehr of The Tritonics, a local fav for reggae and fun, and an incredible educator and advocate for the arts in our schools. Fight the good fight, man!

From the legal world we were pleased to greet John Schiro from Schiro and Zarzinsky Law Firm. Remember, they are your "Go To" lawyers!

Judge Hannah C. Dugan and Judge Derek Mosely were in our first Monday evening. Fun fact: Judge Mosely was our first repeat customer! Be sure to ask him about it!

Kris Barrett dropped in with her husband and friends for an after dinner chocolate and coffee. So nice to be in your neighborhood!

Anna Belle of Anna Belle Aerial swung by with her dear husband. Her enthusiasm for the circus had her immediately researching our poster and dating it to the 1890's. Stay tuned to find out what else we can from her circus network.

Mary and Arlie Albrecht of Tammy Baldwin commercial fame spent some time with us on Sunday eating, drinking, and making merry. Nice to pass the stormy afternoon with you.

You're not on the list, you say? My faux pas...perhaps next time!

Happy (remember, we're closed) 4th!


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