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The Sunday Slice - 1.13

The Sunday Slice

The Gridiron Edition

Bonjour, Charles here…

There is something in the air - not a nip, but a change of the season that one can only experience on a Packer Sunday. The long lines at the grocery store at 11:35. The green and gold attire of young and old. The permission to eat and drink with abandon because “the game is on, come on!” So, pull out that Starr Majkowski Farve Rodgers jersey, and eat some cheese rather than wear it. But first, enjoy this week’s Slice.

Our Next Wine Event

Please on joining us Thursday, September 26th at 7:00 for a BLIND WINE TASTING of our four new offerings. Neighbor and sommelier Gaetano Marangelli will be our host as you sip and learn about your favorite new friends. Make your reservations now - $10.00 payable at time of event.

Milwaukee Film Festival and Charles E. Fromage - A Dynamic Duo

Charles E. Fromage Bistro will be the location for audience members to talk smart after numerous screenings at the

Times Cinema during the 2019 Milwaukee Film Festival October 17- October 31st. The film schedule will be released on Oct. 1st, and we will be ready to serve you during our extended festival hours beginning on the 17th.

We’re Nuts For Our Neighbors

When I think of Jacobus Park I think of the hours spent with the little Fromages at the kiddie pool. What joy you gave us! And now it is time to repay you for those happy summer afternoons. All Jacobus Park neighbors are invited into CEF for a complimentary serving of Moroccan Spiced Cashews or Rosemary Marcona Almonds per party with purchase. Call the neighbors and come on down!

You know they're tasty...

Sept. 16th - Jacobus Park

Sept. 23rd - Washington Park

Sept. 30th - The Shire

Oct. 7th - Hawthorne Glen

Oct. 14th -Mount Mary

Oct. 21st - Murray Hill

Oct. 28th - Olde Hillcrest

Nov. 4th - Concordia

Nov. 11th - Enderis Park

Nov.18th - Lowell Damon

Nov. 25th - Ravenswood

Calendar Corner

Charles E. Fromage dates of interest are listed below. Rise above the usual fray and mark them in your date book today!

Sept 16th - Nuts for Our Neighbors in Jacobus Park

Sept. 23rd - Nuts for Our Neighbors in Washington Park

SEPT. 26 BLIND WINE TASTING with neighbor and sommelier Gaetano Marangelli

Sept. 30th - Nuts for Our Neighbors in The Shire

Oct. 18th - Milwakee Film Talk Back 2:45pm

Oct. 19th -Milwaukee Film Talk Back 1pm

Oct. 21st - Milwaukee Film Talk Back 8:45pm

Oct. 23rd - Milwaukee Film Talk Back 8:45pm

Oct. 24th - Milwaukee Film Talk Back 6pm

Oct. 25th - Milwaukee Film Talk Back 5:45pm

Oct. 26th - Milwaukee Film Talk Back 12:30pm

Oct. 26th - Milwaukee Film Talk Back 5:45pm

Oct. 27th - Milwaukee Film Talk Back 12pm

Oct. 30th - Milwaukee Film Talk Back 3 pm

Star Gazing at CEF

Late Saturday evening, we were visited by a large group of revelers who referred to their soiree as the Low Mount Pub Crawl. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed. You know the drill when there are true celebrities - no paparazzi. The entire staff at CEF is trained to give our high-profile clients an evening free of such riff-raff. Just use your imagination and then multiply it by fabulous!

A gathering of old friends convened on CEF early Saturday evening. Orchestrated by Catholic Memorial ‘s theater techie emeritus and all-around good guy Fred Weber, choir director exceptionale Joan “Mom” MacGregor, her daughter, and triple-threat actress, Mary Jo MacGregor, her royal self drama director Pamela “the limit” Hanson and her delightfully indulgent husband Walter Stewart enjoyed lovely beverages, tasty snacks, and countless memories from their time at CMH.

Management Note: CEF is unclear why our dishwasher is in your photo, but we hope she did not put a damper on your event.

These two women sat down next to each other, found out they had the same name and enjoyed a glass of wine together. True stars of social interaction! Glad to see both of you, Susie.

And YOU of course, if you joined us last week and Charles E. Fromage

Currently on Tap

Sahale Brewery - 1896 Amber Ale 6.0% ABV

Vennture Brewing - Bashtoberfest -Heights Fest Bier 6% abv Malt forward, crisp hops, and super refreshing! Perfect for later summer and early fall drinking!

Black Husky Brewery - Harvel the Marvel Ale Brewed with Honey 7.6% ABV

Gathering Place Brewery - Stor Bjorn Norwegian Red Ale - 6.6% ABV

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