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Sunday Slice 1.7

The Sunday Slice 1.7

The West Vliet Street Sidewalk Sale Edition

Bonjour, Charles here...

Well, everyone likes a bonne affaire and there will be plenty available this Saturday at the West Vliet Street Sidewalk Sale. But before you dig out your comfy walking shoes and your mad money, dig into this week's Sunday Slice.

We’re Nuts For Our Neighbors

The number of distinct neighborhoods surrounding us is delightful! Each of these little urban shires is comprised of such great people who are so proud to be their part of the whole. We celebrate you all! But not at the same time. Oui, oui, we are wee! Tomorrow we hope to see Washington Heights friends for their complimentary Rosemary Marcona Almonds or Moroccan Spiced Cashews per party with purchase, while supplies last. Check for your neighborhood below and mark your calendars. We look forward to celebrating you!

You know they're tasty...

August 5th - Washington Heights

August 12th - Washington Highlands

August 19th - Quarry Heights

August 26th - Martin Drive


Sept. 9th - Story Hill

Sept. 16th - Jacobus Park

Sept. 23rd - Washington Park

Sept. 30th - The Shire

Oct. 7th - Hawthorne Glen

Oct. 14th -Mount Mary

Oct. 21st - Murray Hill

Oct. 28th - Olde Hillcrest

Nov. 4th - Concordia

Nov. 11th - Enderis Park

Nov.18th - (Anyone we forgot...let us know)


Reserve your spot for our very first in-house, crowd-sourced wine tasting. Here are the details as stated last week:

This wise guy will continue his residency along with your new choices.

For $45.00 per person, you will enjoy

- 4 white and 4 red wines selected by our friends at Vino Veritas

- an additional surprise tasting

- the debut of two new snacks

- the company of new friends

- the bragging rights on the excellent wine list for the next few months

- your photo prominently displayed at CEF for the duration of the list

1. We greatly appreciate you paying at the time you make your reservations. Thank you!

2. We will open our doors at 6:45 and get settled in for "the work" ahead. It's a tough job, know the rest.

3. We will be closed to the public that evening.

Cribbage Thursdays

The Madame and Moi enjoy a game of cribbage tres tres! and thought it would be nice to pay it homage at Fromage on Thursday nights. What does this mean? If you are also a cribbage player looking for a game, come to CEF on Thursdays and meet other enthusiasts for a friendly game. If there is enough interest, we can create something with more structure. For now, know your fellow cribbage players will be at Cribbage Thursday at Fromage.

Private Events

Atwater staffers celebrate some great colleagues!

Last Tuesday, we were so pleased to be able to open our doors to our very first private event. The Shorewood Atwater School Staff gathered to wish two colleagues a fond farewell and best wishes on their new journeys.

What event is on your horzion? Consider C.E. Fromage for your small group gathering and we will work with you on everything from menu to decor - or you can just come in and enjoy Fromage as is.

A Fromage gathering is always an événement spécial

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