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Updated: Nov 30, 2019


Ah, you Americans have so many holidays, it’s hard to keep up.

So I don’t try.

But after your Thanksgiving holiday, I remembered it was past time to give thanks to all of the wonderful contractors who made our West Side bistro a reality.

At the very beginning we had the great staff at DJK Environmental take care of a bit of environmental nastiness.

Then Dominic Schiro, a fine young man, helped his father with the demolition of the space. I find it, how would you say… interesting... that there is no picture of the aforementioned father on his Facebook page.

Our logo, web page, facebook and instagram were all designed by daughter Fiona Schiro. We know! She is talented- and will be graduating in June if you are looking for an excellent visual storyteller for your business/organization.

Following along was Thomas Zachow and the team from William A. Zachow and Sons Plumbing. They did all of that dirty work, digging trenches and laying pipes, and all sorts of other things I know nothing about. But it all works great.

We then had the crew from Ultra Fidelis come in and wire the place for audio and video. Jon Spelt and his expert crew got us up and running with a truly exquisite sound system. You should come and hear our Vandersteen VLR Woods. They sound great.

We then were so happy to have Rafael Suncin and his merry men rough-in and drywall Fromage. He does great work and he’s a fine fellow too.

The next tradesman to help out was Master Electrician Greg Vuorinen of Finn Power Incorporated. He and his team did great work with the electrical systems and the HVAC system. So important to me, as some of you may know, I am a bit of a delicate flower. Or so they say.

As construction neared completion I called upon the help of Jon Early of Sip-Seal with final construction. His help was greatly appreciated, and his adhesives really are, “The right stuff for the job.”

The entire crew at Dave's Welding helped us with supports for the bar area and our bistro sign outside. Great work at a great price.

Oh, and that lovely bistro sign and window lettering were expertly done by fellow Vliet Streeters John and Larry Gietl of Gietl Sign Co.

Manual labor and other help was graciously provided by friends Walter Boyer, Matt Loss, Andy McCully and the Schiro boys, Michael, Bob, and John. Doug Sedlar kindly offered us use of the family discount at Blair’s New Berlin Hardware. The Dugan sisters, Marye Beth, Hannah, Cordelia, Amy, and Mame McCully also contributed labor and support for this undertaking.

Last, but not least, we would like to thank the Milwaukee County Historical Society for their many contributions and mentoring.

Many thanks to so many people!



P.S. - Tony Schiro did a few things around the joint as well, but is too modest to mention. It's one thing to have an idea, and another to get dirty and tired making it a reality.



Congratulations to a great cook and a true artist.

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