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September- November 2019

Fuso21 Verdicchio 2016 “Le Salse”

An easy-going, versatile white wine for those who want something with all the refreshment of but more character than Yet Another Pinot Grigio. Joe Croze commented that he thought it was great!  And Joe knows. $8.00 / $28.00


Corvidae Sauvignon Blanc 2018 “Wise Guy”

This Sauvignon Blanc is bright and full of lemon zest and pear notes. A medium-bodied wine that will pair well with our 5 Cheese Glop. $9.00 / $32.00

Pascal Biotteau Anjou Blanc 2017 “Mary Taylor Selection” 

Clean, vibrant pear fruit and a nice waft of creamy spearmint. Share this wine with friends, and pair it with our Olive Salad. $9.00 / $32.00


Tintero Moscato D’Asti, 2018 “Sori Gramella”   

Fizzy and slightly sweet, an irresistible combination that makes it a universal favorite. Megan Doering says, “Yummo! I could drink a healthy amount of this and be very happy.”  Gayle Kerznar seconds that with a “Yum!” and a spirited suggestion: “Dessert!” $9.00/$32.00


Lulumi Rose  (Grenache, Mouvedre and Cabernet Sauvignon) 2017 

A bright and clean wine with subtle notes of peach and pear. Molly Mathia proclaims this “a pink can it be bad?” She’s sort of a lightweight, but her enthusiasm is well placed.


Olivares Rosado 2018  

Dry-farmed Grenache growing in altitude produces a crispy and fruity rosé perfect for a hot summer day. (Limited amounts left!) $9.00/$32.00


Fanti Rosato, 2018

A vivid pink and raspberry color, this rose has tones of rose petal, wild strawberry, cassis, and sweet almond paste. Betsy Cannon DuCanto says it is deep and complex  - just like her. Lindsay Skatrud suggests it for a bachelorette party.  They did not come to the tasting together. $8.00/$30.00

Morisfarms Mandriolo Maremma Rosso Toscana 2017

From southern Tuscany, this is a blend of 80% Sangiovese with 10% each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.  $8.00 / $30.00


Lulumi Pinot Noir, 2017  

Intense color - actually a nice garnet according to Astra Valters. The palate is medium-bodied with red berry fruit and an elegant, long finish. Ann Wyderen detected “a bit of pine”.  You? $9.00/$32.00


Compass Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

This wine is colored with black cherry and dark chocolate aromas accented by subtle smokiness. Walt and Ginny Boyer said it is lovely and pairs great with food.  So, order a nosh, why don’t you? $8.00 / $30.00

Chateau Massiac Minervois Rouge, 2018 “Les Sentinelles”

Ann Grippe said it was “nice”, but decided “celebratory” would be a better adjective. This blend is two-thirds Syrah and one-third Carignan, and a touch “sweet”. It earned the highest score of 5 with an arrow pointing up from Katrina Kozar.  Pay attention! $9.00/$32.00


Jean-Marc Barthez Bordeaux Rouge 2015 

Bordeaux blend of 50% Merlot 25% Cabernet Franc 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. Jeff Cartier said to put it on the list, so we did. $9.00 / $32.00


Quintana do Infantado Tawny Porto

Excellent body and richness, with notes of roasted hazelnuts and sultanas followed by just a hint of sweetness. Simply delicious.  $6.00  


Quintana do Infantado Ruby Porto

Elegant and rich, this dark, juicy port has an excellent balance of fruit, acid, sugar, and tannin. It is all-around easy to drink and enjoy. $6.00


All wines on our list were tasted and approved by Rhonda VanPembrook.