For years, Tony and I have gone to The Rep, a Marquette game, or some other event downtown and thought it would be nice to stop on the way home for a nightcap and a nosh to discuss the evening. We found it challenging to find such a spot close to our west side home, so we decided that we would just have to open it ourselves. That's the genesis of Charles E. Fromage: Where an adult can be an adult. 


We hope that Charles E. Fromage will be like the 18th-century French salons - places where people gathered to discuss literature, art, current events, and ideas. We hope you will feel comfortable doing just that at Charles E. Fromage - although you are, of course, free to discuss sports or play a game of cribbage. We have the place for whatever brings you together.

Join us for a glass of wine or Wisconsin craft beer, delicious snacks, and the company of other interesting people in our intimate gathering space on Vliet St. 


-Honore Dugan Schiro: Owner and Boss of Tony



Tuesday  -  4-9

Wednesday  -  4-9

Thursday  -  4-9

Friday  -  4-9

Saturday  -  Noon - 9


5811 W Vliet St

Milwaukee, WI 53208

E  /  charlesfromage7@gmail.com

​T  /  414-305-1458

To Go / charles-e-fromage .square.site/

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